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Payment for orders:. Smart Home. Tai nghe. Retro gaming. Playstation 4. Bob Goff is one of the world's most delightfully engaging people. What fuels his impact? But it's not the kind of Love that stops as thoughts and feelings. Bob is convinced Love takes action. Each day turns into a hilarious, whimsical, meaningful chance to make faith simple and real. This Love does day Brightener has a padded front cover, spiral binding and flips for perpetual use. Behold I will make you small among the nations; you shall be utterly despised.

Edom is also denounced by the prophets Ezekiel —14 and Joel — Edom is a kingdom, not a king. But who is the King, who is the Sire, of Edom? Who would Edom be if it were a king? If anyone questions the Islamic obligation to preserve religious heritage sites, the clearest and most definitive answer comes from the Covenant of the Prophet Muhammad with the Armenian Christians of Jerusalem, which reads,. I, the Messenger of Allah, with Allah as my Witness, and with the conscious witness of all people, men and women, who are found here, have promised and granted [them] the churches located in Jerusalem, the Church of the Holy Resurrection, and the Cathedral of St.

James in the southern part of the Holy City, which is located next to the Monastery of Zion. John of Samaria [Nablus], the oratories located behind the sanctuary of the Holy Resurrection, and the totality of the upper and inner levels of the Golgotha and the Tomb of Christ where the eternal light shines, all the places of religious pilgrimage, as well as the mountains, the valleys, the residences, and their acquisitions; I have granted them with the witness of Allah, the Messenger of Allah, and all believing Muslims Morrow, vol. If I repeat the protections provided by the Prophet pbuh over and over again, I do so for the same purpose that he did: for emphasis, and to demonstrate that the protections in question were not limited to a single community, were not limited to a certain geography, and were not limited to a certain period of time.

They are universal laws, principles, and rights. They apply, not only to Christians, but to Samaritans, Jews, and Zoroastrians as well. And what about the Jews? It is exactly the same. But what about the Zoroastrians? Some Persians might ask. Property is property. It includes all kinds of property. It includes personal property. It includes historical sites. It includes Persepolis and other such places.

Such world heritage sites must be protected. The question begs to be answered. If the Messenger of Allah pbuh was so adamant about protecting the places of worship of Christians, Samaritans, Jews, and Zoroastrians, why on earth would he command Muslims to destroy Islamic heritage, masjids, graveyards, tombs, mausoleums, and shrines? Why would he want Muslims to destroy their own religious, historical, cultural, and archeological sites?

He would not. It makes no sense.

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If the lives and property of non-Muslims are so sacred, so are the lives and property of Muslims. Time and again, we see that the protection of people and their property is inseparable. They always go hand in hand. In other words, all of that is from Allah swt. Respecting, maintaining, preserving, and protecting sacred and world heritage sites is a sacred duty.

May the peace and blessings of Almighty Allah be upon the Prophet Muhammad and his family. The following is the key-note lecture that was delivered by Dr. Brothers and sisters. I come here before you to express my opposition to the Islamic State. I do not back the Islamic State. I do not stand for the Islamic State.

I do not defend the Islamic State. And I would not kill and die for the Islamic State.

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I am sure you are all pleasantly relieved that I come in peace. Now that you are at ease, please allow me to clarify the difference between an Islamic State and an Islamic Ummah. The Islamic State is a misnomer. The Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, never, ever, described his system as a dawlah, a khilafah, a sultanah, a jumhuriyyah or a dimukratiyyah; he never described his system as a State, a Caliphate, a Sultanate, a Republic or a Democracy. On the contrary, he described it as an Ummah, a Motherland, a Homeland, a Federation or a Confederation. These are the very freedoms that the Prophet granted in his Covenants.

Self-professed Islamists and self-professed Jihadists have been supposedly fighting to create a so-called Islamic State for over a century. More than mere ignorance, such behavior is indicative of hypocrisy and dishonesty. Imagine the paradox: a person fighting for Socialism who is not familiar with the Communist Manifesto; a person fighting for human rights who is not familiar with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights; a person who is fighting for democracy who is not familiar with the American Constitution.

Al-Dustur al-Madinah. Al-Sahifah al-Madinah. The Ummah Document. The Constitution of Madinah. The Covenant of Madinah. However, if I mention the Covenant of Madinah, most Muslims have never heard of it; and virtually no non-Muslims have ever heard of it. Fortunately, as a result of the publication of The Covenants of the Prophet Muhammad with the Christians of the World in , the proclamation of the Marrakesh Declaration in , and its endorsement by the Organization for Islamic Cooperation, Muslims are becoming increasingly aware of the Covenant, Constitution or Charter of Madinah.

Let me take you back years. The Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, receives revelation. He is persecuted for a decade. He flees with his followers from Makkah to Madinah. At that time, there were approximately twenty or thirty thousand people living in and around Madinah: half of them were Jewish and half of them were polytheists. The Muslims, however, only numbered in the hundreds. However, they all accepted the Prophet as their leader. Did the Prophet kill all the non-Muslims? No, not at all. In fact, the first thing that he did after arriving in Madinah was to protect the rights of all the citizens of his newly-formed Ummah.

He prepared a Constitution for his Commonwealth in consultation with all of his constituents; the first political charter in history. So, what is so special about al-Sahifah al-Madinah? What is the gist of the Covenant of Madinah? This is a document from Muhammad, the Prophet [governing the relations] between the believers and Muslims… and those who followed them and joined them and labored with them.

They are one community [ummatun wahidah] to the exclusion of others. According to the Constitution of Madinah, identity is not based on race, religion, kinship, class, gender, or tribal affiliation: it is based on membership in the Ummah. It is what we call today citizenship. He shall not be wronged nor shall his enemies be aided. The Jews must bear their expenses and the Muslims their expenses. Each must help the other against anyone who attacks the people of this document. They must seek mutual advice and consultation, and loyalty is a protection against treachery.

Islam was preeminent, extending wings of mercy upon all those it embraced, be they Jews, Christians, polytheists, Zoroastrians, agnostics, or even atheists. They were all included in one Ummah. The Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, granted Covenants of Protection throughout his prophetic mission, from the early years of his calling to the last years of his life. He granted them freedom of conscience, freedom of belief, and freedom of religious practice.

He protected their religious establishments and prohibited forced conversions. As the Messenger of Allah repeated over and over again:. It is not permitted to remove a bishop from his bishopric or a Christian from his Christianity, a monk from his monastic life or a pilgrim from his pilgrimage or a hermit monk from his tower. Nor is it permitted to destroy any part of their churches, to take parts of their buildings to construct mosques or the homes of Muslims.

The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, described Christians as his flock and viewed himself as their shepherd. As we read in the Covenant of the Prophet Muhammad with the Samaritans:. I, Muhammad b. We also pledge to behave with them and the people of Palestine in the best possible manner. Yours is the safeguard of Allah and that of his Messenger with regard to your persons, belief, and property… You shall not have the annoyance of land-tax, nor shall a forelock of yours be cut off… No army shall tread on your soil, nor shall you be assembled [for military service], nor shall tithes be imposed on you, neither shall you be injured in any way….

The mercy of the Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, was not limited to Muslims and the People of the Book. It extended to other faith communities as well. Take, for example, the Covenant of the Prophet Muhammad with the Zoroastrians which was granted to the brother of Salman al-Farsi, may Allah be pleased with him. It reads:. He has the protection of Allah and so do his sons over their lives and their wealth … without ever having to suffer injustice or be subject to harm…. I have removed from you that a forelock of yours shall be cut off, to wear clothing that differentiates you from the rest of the people, and the jizyah, and this until [the day] of the gathering and dispersal.

Their hands are free to do as they please concerning their fire temples and its wealth. No one should prevent them from… carrying out their funeral processions, and to abide by what they normally abide by concerning their religion and sect. The Zoroastrians priests should be granted exclusive privileges from among the various sects of those people who are protected [by the Muslims]. As can be appreciated from these prophetic traditions, the Messenger of Allah did not simply ask Muslims to tolerate the People of the Book: he commanded his followers to engage with them, dialogue with them, and love them as fellow human beings.

He called upon Muslims to protect them and defend them. It is what we call pluralism, the energetic engagement with diversity; the practical and concrete application of human rights. I believe in the Ummah of Muhammad, the Confederation of Believers that is based on the Covenant of Madinah and the Covenants of the Prophet; an Ummah based on justice, tolerance, and diversity.

He was a Messenger of God. He was the Seal of the Prophets. He did not preach a new religion; he preached the primordial religion, Islam, submission and surrender to the One and Only God, the Creator and Sustainer of the Universe. Islam is a complete way of life. Unlike the prophets and messengers who preceded him and unlike the founders of other faith traditions, which focus on governing themselves, Muhammad, the Messenger of Allah, also focused on how Muslims should interact with others.

If one reads the Old Testament, and one study the Halakha, one sees that that Jewish Law was concerning primarily with regulating the lives of Jewish people. If one reads the New Testament, and studies Canon Law, one sees that Christian law was concerned primarily with regulating the lives of Christian people.

There is little in the Judeo-Christian tradition regarding the rights of non-Jews and non-Christians. There is little with regards to the manner we should treat different faith communities. Islam, however, came to the scene with an entirely novel and unique approach: pluralism. Unlike many other religions that insisted that salvation was for them and them alone, Islam insisted that salvation was within the reach of all righteous monotheists.

So long as one believed in God, and one did good deeds and avoided evil deeds, one had hope in the mercy of Almighty God. Surely those who believe, and those who are Jews, and the Christians, and the Sabians, whoever believes in Allah and the Last day and does good, they shall have their reward from their Lord, and there is no fear for them, nor shall they grieve.

I have studied Islam for over three decades. I too was taught that only Muslims were believers and that only Muslims went to Heaven. I was taught that Christians were mushrikin or polytheists. I was taught that the People of the Book were kuffar or infidels who were destined to eternal damnation in Hell. I can assert, openly, and unabashedly, that the extremist, fundamentalist, exclusivist, absolutist, fascist and supremacist interpretation of Islam is false.

It represents a re-invention of Islam. It is not the Islam of the Rightly-Guided Caliphs. It is not the Islam of the Prophet Muhammad. When the Messenger of Allah established himself in Madinah, he consulted with Jews, Muslims, and polytheists, and created a constitution, the first of its kind in the political history of humanity. Known as the Covenant of Madinah, it placed all citizens on equal footing with equal rights and obligations. The citizens of the city-state of Madinah consisted of Jews and Arab non-Muslims.

They numbered in the tens of thousands. Nonetheless, the Prophet proclaimed that they were a ummah wahidah, a single community, a constitutional confederation. And this makes perfect logical sense: anyone who believes in God is a believer. When the Messenger of Allah referred to his followers, those who embraced Islam, he used the term muslimin or Muslims. The Prophet spearheaded a movement of believers and created a Confederation of Believers. They were the leaders of all the citizens of the Ummah.

And we have sent down the Book to you [Muhammad] with truth, confirming and conserving the previous Books. So judge between them by what God has sent down and do not follow their whims and desires deviating from the Truth that has come to you. We have appointed a law and a practice for every one of you. Had God willed, He would have made you a single community, but He wanted to test you regarding what has come to you. So compete with each other in doing good. And every one of you will return to God and He will inform you regarding the things about which you differed.

This is pluralism plain and simple, a condition or system in which various groups, principles, sources of authority or religious traditions co-exist in respect and tolerance. It is pluralism as defined by Diana L. Eck: energetic engagement with diversity; active seeking of understanding across lines of difference; encounter of commitments; and the language of dialogue. One day, when the Prophet Muhammad was in Madinah, a delegation of Christians visited him from Najran. They debated and discussed religious matters.

They agreed on some issues. They disagreed on other issues. When it came time for the Christians to perform their prayers, they excused themselves to leave the mosque. The Prophet Muhammad insisted that they pray in his mosque as it was a place of prayer and a house of God. And so the Christians prayed and celebrated mass in the mosque of the Prophet. This event is meticulously documented in Muslim sources. Not only is it authentic, it is exemplary. It is the very embodiment of Islamic ethics. Compare that to the actions of ISIS.

There are two visions of Islam that confront us today: an Islam of peace, mercy, tolerance, love, equality, and justice; and an Islam of war, cruelty, intolerance, hatred, inequality, and injustice; an Islam of terrorism, bloodshed, violence, misogyny, and bigotry. Forgive me if I have enough sense of decency and humanity to side with the former, True Islam, and repudiate all those who side with the latter which is nothing less than Anti-Islam.

Muslims, true Muslims, must agree to disagree, not only with non-Muslims, but with each other. Had Allah willed, He would have made us all the same. He did not decree uniformity by means of barbarity, like ISIS wants to impose, but diversity and plurality under the wings of mercy. O humankind, indeed We have created you from male and female and made you peoples and tribes that you may know one another. Indeed, the most noble of you in the sight of Allah is the most righteous of you. Indeed, Allah is Knowing and Acquainted.

It calls upon different religious traditions to defer their differences to the ultimate judgment of God. The Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, never converted people by force. Consequently, the Messenger of Allah invited people to Islam. If they accepted Islam, alhamdulillah, praise be to Allah.

The Prophet was perfectly clear on the subject. If a Jew or a Christian becomes a Muslim, he is a believer with his rights and obligations. He who holds fast to his religion, Jew or Christian, is not to be turned from it. The Prophet of Islam did not cause anyone distress throughout his life. He would present his belief before the people, accepting anyone who came to him, [yet] not compelling one who did not. If the People of the Book did not wish to embrace Islam, Almighty Allah called upon them to follow their scripture firmly.

This is exactly what the Messenger of Allah did. And that is precisely what the Rightly-Guided Caliphs did. Question me before you lose me. Question me, for I have the knowledge of those who came earlier and those who will come later. If the cushion on which a judge sits was folded for me to sit on , I could give judgements to the people of the Torah by their Torah, to the people of the Gospels by their Gospels, to the people of Psalms by their Psalms and to the people of the Furqan i.

It is a religion that soothes the soul. It is a religion that satisfies the intellect with certainty. It is a religion based on ethics and morality. It is a religion of piety and righteousness. It is a religion that provides people with rights as opposed to depriving people of rights.

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It is a religion of personal growth and development; a religion of social justice. According to Jewish and Christian tradition, a thousand years after Abraham, the Jewish people were slaves, locked in perpetual servitude in Egypt before being led to freedom by Moses.

On their epic trek to Palestine, Moses broke the journey in the area around Mount Sinai. It was at its peak that Moses received from God a set of covenants, or laws, etched into clay tablets. These 10 Commandments became the foundation for a moral existence. Catherine, a year-old Christian abbey at the base of Mount Sinai. Though not commanding the recipients to honor their mother and father or desist in the creation of idols, the covenant from the Prophet Muhammad did something unheard of in the annals of history — it promised to protect the Christian monks and residents of the region from any incursions, attacks, or efforts to take over the Christian pilgrimage site.

It swore to protect the monks singularly and as a group wherever they were. Further, the contract vowed to allow all inhabitants to keep the religion of their choice. Still a teen, Morrow continued to research Islam through dozens of texts, and he came across an 18th-century text written by Richard Pococke which described and translated parts of the treaty the Prophet Muhammad had initiated with the Monks of Mount Sinai.

Sinai and over a dozen other, similar documents, had receded from religious consciousness over the centuries and were squirreled away amid thousands of other papers in libraries scattered around Europe and the Middle East. Morrow, Muslims now have an additional rigorously authenticated religious resource — the detailed Ashtiname — peace letters or covenants spoken by the Prophet and written down verbatim. Through dictation and diplomacy, the Muhammad formulated treaties with most of the religious communities on the Arabian Peninsula and beyond.

Some of the major covenants include:. Over just a few years, the Islamic Ummah, or nation, expanded widely, until it gradually encompassed territory that included peoples of various sects. Beyond protection, these covenants outlined forbidden actions, that is acts which the Muslims in these areas were prohibited from initiating.

The rights and privileges granted to the Christians of Najran, a place in what is now southern Saudi Arabia where Christianity took root in the 4th century, are mirrored in most of the other treaties as well:. It applies to those who are present as well as those who are absent. There shall be no interference with the practice of their faith or their religious observances. There will be no change to their rights and privileges.

No bishop shall be removed from his bishopric; no monk from his monastery, and no priest from his parish. They shall all continue to enjoy everything they previously enjoyed great or small. No image or cross shall be destroyed.

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They will not oppress or be oppressed. In covenants written for general societies, unlike the abbey on Mount Sinai which was an exclusively male population, Muhammad added previously unheard-of rights for women:. Morrow hopes to reach and influence Muslims who may not be aware of the more global and far-reaching intentions of the Prophet and Christians who may have relied too heavily on the one-faceted view of Islam promulgated by the media. Invited to speak at conferences, churches, mosques, and institutions from Dubai to California, Dr.

Morrow seeks to restore the trajectory of benevolent statecraft instituted by the Prophet Muhammed over years ago. Mezquita de Sevilla 19 marzo, Ha sido transmitido por musulmanes y no musulmanes durante casi un milenio y medio. Haddad :. Esta es una carta escrita por Mohammed, Ibn Abdullah, el Mensajero, el Profeta y el Creyente, que ha sido enviado a todos los pueblos como una fideicomiso de parte de Dios a todas Sus criaturas, para que no puedan declararse en contra de Dios en lo sucesivo.

Verdaderamente Dios es Omnipotente, el Sabio. No deben dar nada de su ingreso sino lo que les agrada, no deben ser ofendidos, molestados, forzados ni obligado. A nadie se le permite saquear a estos cristianos, o destruir o estropear cualquiera de sus iglesias o casas de culto, o tomar cualquiera de las cosas contenidas en estas casas y llevarlas a las casas del Islam.

Nadie tiene el derecho de interferir con sus asuntos, o iniciar acciones en su contra. Sus iglesias deben ser honradas y no se les debe impedir construir iglesias o reparar conventos. No deben ser obligados a portar armas o piedras; pero los musulmanes deben protegerlos y defenderlos contra otros. I have seen with great passion the work of this brother and researcher, Dr. John Andrew Morrow, on the prophetic covenants and charters with the protected people from the People of the Book.

Although Islam itself is spotless, minds have become confused when it comes to historical figures and facts. Consequently, many wonder about the nature of the relationship between Islam and other religions. Is it peace or is it war? There is no doubt that the scholars of Islam and its religious leaders know that God sent His Prophet, peace and blessings be upon him, as a mercy to the worlds. The fact of the matter is that such long-standing covenants and charters almost fell into oblivion.

The Prophet, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him, did not kill any of the hypocrites. People should be judged on their professed beliefs. Nobody has the right to judge people on their appearance or to judge what is in their hearts and use it as a pretext to spread blood and commit murder.

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  8. This is because Islam has come with truth from the Lord to protect human souls from harm in this world and the hereafter. In conclusion, the release of these Covenants, which were concluded with the leaders of Christian communities, monks, priests, and bishops, is visible evidence that Islam is a religion that seeks and calls to co-exist in peace and security with members of other faiths, that justice, goodness, and safety are the highest of human goals, that people have the right to live in dignity and peace, that people should be free from religious coercion, and that no one should be deprived of protection.

    I ask Allah, the Exalted, to bless this effort and maximize its benefit throughout the world, to thank and reward the researcher, and to open other avenues of exploration for him in this impactful field. The Jews of Islam were not persecuted… they were given full religious liberty, were able to run their affairs according to their laws, and were more able than the Jews of Europe to participate in mainstream culture and commerce.

    In all his treaties with Christians he invariably guaranteed their liberty of worship. This is a letter from Muhammad, the Messenger of Allah, to Haninah and the people of Khaybar and Maqna and their progeny as long as the heavens are above the earth, peace. I praise unto you Allah, save whom there is no god but He. Now [I say that] he has revealed unto me that you are about to return to your cities and to the inhabitants of your dwelling-place.

    Return in safety, in the protection of Allah and that of his Messenger. Yours is the safeguard of Allah and that of his Messenger with regard to your persons, belief, and property, slaves, and whatever is in your possession. You shall not have the annoyance of land-tax, nor shall a forelock of yours be cut off. No army shall tread on your soil, nor shall you be assembled [for military service], nor shall tithes be imposed on you, neither shall you be injured in any way. No one shall leave his mark on you, you shall not be prevented from wearing slashed or colored garments, nor from riding on horseback, nor from carrying any kind of arms.

    If anyone attacks you, fight him, and if he is killed in the war against you, none of you shall be executed for his sake nor is ransom to be paid for him. If one of you kill a Muslim intentionally, he shall be dealt with according to Muslim law. No disgraceful charges shall be brought against you, and you shall not be as other [non-Muslim] poll-tax payers.

    ORDINARIO - Definition and synonyms of ordinario in the Spanish dictionary

    If you ask assistance, it shall be granted to you, and if you want help you shall have it. You shall not be punished for white, nor yellow, nor brown garments , nor for a coat of mail, nor […] Not a shoe-lace of yours shall be cut. You shall not be hindered entering the mosques, nor precluded from governing Muslims.

    You shall have no other ruler except out of your own midst, or from the Family of the Messenger of Allah. Room shall be made for your funerals, except when they trespass on a sacred spot mosque. It shall be incumbent upon the people of the house of the Messenger of Allah and upon the Muslims to uphold your honor, and not to touch you. If any of you goes on a journey, he shall be under the safeguard of Allah and his Messenger. If any of you follows the religion of the Messenger of Allah and his command, he shall have one fourth of what the Messenger of Allah has ordered to be given to the People of his House, to be given when the Quraysh receive their portions, viz.

    This is a present from me for you. The Family of the House of the Messenger of Allah and all the Muslims are charged to fulfill all that is in this letter. Whoever deserves well of Haninah and the people of Khaybar and Maqna, all the better for him; but he who does them evil, all the worse for him. Whoever reads this my letter, or to whomever it is read, and he alters or changes anything of what is in it, upon him shall be the curse of Allah and the curse of the cursing of all humankind.

    He is beyond my protection and intercession on the day of Resurrection, and I am his foe. And who is my foe is the foe of Allah, and he who is the foe of Allah goes to hell […] and bad is the abode there. The Witness is Allah, like whom there is no God, and Allah is sufficient as a witness, and his angels, and those Muslims who are present.

    Ce sont les musulmans orthodoxes. Ce ne sont pas des musulmans orthodoxes. Je le fais tout le temps et je suis un musulman pratiquant. Combien de personnes ont entendu parler de la Fatwa contre le terrorisme et les attentats-suicides? Combien de personnes ont entendu parler de la Fatwa de Bin Bayyah?

    Combien de personnes ont entendu parler de Nahdlatul Ulama? Combien de personnes ont entendu parler de la Fatwa de masse contre Daech? Crescent International March 1, In light of the war crimes and cultural genocide committed by takfiri terrorists in Libya, Syria, Iraq, and elsewhere, in which masjids, graves, shrines, mausoleums, and churches have been destroyed, what do the letters, treaties, and covenants of the Prophet Muhammad pbuh , have to say about the preservation of heritage sites — religious, cultural, and historical?

    This is something truly significant. But what exactly does it mean to protect Christian believers? The Prophet pbuh , provides the definition. What is more, he encouraged Muslims to help Christians repair their churches, chapels, and monasteries. But for what reason, you may ask. The relationship is reciprocal. It can help seal a fraternal understanding. That is how you build bonds of brotherhood and sisterhood.

    That is how you promote social cohesion, tolerance, and coexistence. That is how you unite a diverse community. That is how you honor the signs of God. Is there any territorial limitation to such obligations of protection of both persons and property? Absolutely not. As the Messenger of Allah pbuh explains, it applies. The Messenger of Allah pbuh was not establishing municipal law, state law, or federal rights: he was establishing universal human rights.

    In fact, he was the very first to do so in the history of humanity. The rights he gave, he gave to all the world. In the Covenant of the Prophet Muhammad with the Christians of the World, which was rediscovered in a monastery in the Levant in the 17th century by Father Pacifique de Provins, and published in Paris by Gabriel Sionita, the Messenger of Allah pbuh declares,. I grant security to their churches, their places of pilgrimage wherever they are and wherever they may be found, be they in the mountains or the valleys, in the caves or inhabited regions, in the plains or the desert, or in buildings; and that I protect their religion and their property wherever they are and wherever they may be found in land or at sea, in the East or West, in the same way that I protect myself, my successors, and the People of My Community among the Believers and the Muslims Morrow, vol.

    In the Covenant of the Prophet Muhammad with the Christians of the World, which was copied in Egypt in from an ancient manuscript, the Messenger of Allah pbuh states,. I grant security to them, their churches, their businesses, their houses of worship, the places of their monks, the places of their pilgrims, wherever they may be found, be they in the mountains or the valleys, caves or inhabited regions, the plains or the desert Morrow, vol.

    He also states that Muslims must help and support Christians if they seek their assistance to repair their churches and convents Morrow, vol. He stresses that they should only do so to restore that religion, out of faithfulness to the Covenant of the Prophet, as a pure good deed, and as a blessed act before God and His Messenger Morrow, vol.

    In other words, not only are Muslims required to respect, protect, and preserve religious institutions of other faiths, they are obliged to rebuild any of them that were destroyed. I grant security and safety to their churches, their homes, their places of worship, their monasteries, their sites of pilgrimage, wherever they are and wherever they may be, be they in mountains or valleys, in caves or inhabited regions, in plains or in the desert and buildings Morrow, vol. We see the very same thing in the Covenant of the Prophet Muhammad with the Armenian Christians, in which he says,.

    I safeguard them and remove all harm from them and from their churches, cloisters, convents, and places of worship, wherever they may be found, by they in mountains, valleys, caves, inhabited regions or in the plains Morrow, vol. This version is particularly interesting since it speaks not only of existing structures, but to ancient churches. Protection, therefore, is not limited to modern, contemporary, buildings, but also applies to those of historical importance. He lost his father four months before his birth.

    His mother passed away when he was six. If you are suspect of any unauthorized use of your intellectual property rights on this webpage, please report it to us at the following:ali-guide service. Enjoy all the delicious foods you love--guilt free as you effortlessly cut the sug As a college student he spent sixteen days in the Pacific Ocean with five guys and a crate of canned meat. As a father he took his kids on a world tour to eat ice cream with heads of state. He made f Bob, helen, violet, dash, Jack-jack, superhero family tshirt, Undermine, incredib, Dad tshirt, fatherday tshirt, Mr.

    Incredible, Mrs. Book annotation not available for this title.