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12222–2020 Test Dates

Paper-delivered GRE General Test

You can take the computer-delivered GRE General Test once every 21 days , up to five times within any continuous rolling month period days. This applies even if you canceled your scores on a test taken previously. Note that not all test centers are open on all test dates. See test dates, deadlines and score reporting dates below. All deadlines are registration receipt dates at ETS.

Test Centers and Dates

The last mile bottlenecks like putting up signages and other issues like safety audit is still holding up the uniquely designed 2. The other part of the project, the construction of an underpass linking South Campus with San Martin Road in Chanakyapuri, is now expected to be completed later this year as major hiccups have been cleared. But the flyover, between Munirka and Subroto Park on Outer Ring Road and awaiting trial runs, will only give partial relief as the construction of an underpass on South Campus will see light of the day only by the end of The three-lane 1.

It will be completed in December My questions here are: 1. Are there any h1b candidates here who faced problems at US port of entry, where US officials might have said "Hey i see a PR stamp of Canada on your passport, we wont allow you entry in the United states" have there any such cases where h1b workers were denied entry at port of entry, because they have passport stamp denoting PR for another country" 2.

Submission Guidelines

Regarding spouse, what are the procedures to file a spouse visa for canada? Wish to know more about what area were you specifying. Once again thank you all for your help. Would be happy if you could answer my above queries.

The Journey - 4 years at IIIT-Delhi in nutshell - We Log #13

Marriage is out of question if you do not wish to complicate things for yourself and your PR. If you marry before you send the passport for the stamping then you have to inform chc delhi and then update cic forms again, get medicals for your wife, delay of several months. If you marry and your visa is stampted during this time, it will no longer be valid as your family composition has changed and you will never be able to sponsor your wife to canada.

When I wrote things have changed drastically with canadian immigration it was in response to your idea of reapplying. You will have to fall within the 38 jobs category to apply. As you have decided to submit your passport for the stamping so the above is not applicable. I am not sure but the extension should be applicable form the expiry of the period given to you before i.

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  • Delhi's RTR flyover misses another deadline — its 7th in 5 yrs.

Do not forget to get a printout of the email reply from chc and send it along with the passport proving that they gave you extension. Regarding H1B issues I have no knowledge. All the best. Hi Lukewalker. Hope you are doing well. Thank you for sharing your timelines. I tried to PM you but your inbox seems full.

Deadlines to break

Well I have not heard anything about submitting and collection of stamped passport in person at CHC Delhi. But if you have got some positive feedback on the issue that is great hope.

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Have you explored the possibility of sending them an email enquiry regarding in person submission and collection of passport. It will be kind of you if you could keep us updated on how you proceed on the issue mentioned above.